Obama: I will help Trump enter his new role


Obama spoke about the victory of Donald Trump a short time ago. “I spoke with the President -Elect Trump and congratulated him and invited him to the White House. He added that “there is no secret that we have our differences, eight years ago Bush and I also had our differences, but Bush’s team helped me make a smooth transition and I have told my team to transfer power to the PresidentElect in the best possible way.”

Obama told disgruntled Democrat supporters that “Sometimes one loses an election. I also lost elections in the past, that’s the way politics works. We have to persuade people that we are right and then they vote. If we lose- we learn from our mistakes and go forward. We still believe in our way – because hope and belief are the basis of all democracy. That’s how America has existed for 240 years, and I am convinced that we will continue to succeed.”

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